What does summer mean to a struggling student?


Why is it so important to work on academic skills over the summer for struggling students?

If a child struggles during the school year they are mentally exhausted after a day of school.  These children work three to five times harder than their classmates to get fewer results.  During the summer these children’s minds are fresh and ready to grow.  When they only have to spend an hour or so a dayfocusing on educational activities, they remain engaged participants in learning. 

An average student loses 25% to 33% of their previous years academic growth over the summer.  Struggling students lose more, if they aren’t engaged in educational activities.

Given these two factors, it’s important for struggling students to receive target instruction to strengthen their weaknesses. Let them start the next year with a new confidence that can be gained by working in a one-on-one setting either with a tutor or parent.  For some children this is a good time to receive Occupational and/or Speech Therapy.  While for those that are on track, summer is a great time for experiential learning or possibly a language immersion opportunity.